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Freeze Dried Salt Water Taffy Large - Black Licorice 4 oz

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Freeze Dried Salt Water Taffy Black Licorice

 Makes Great Unique Gift, Snack, or Treat. Order yours today!


  • Freeze Drying Process removes the moisture from food.
  • Food is ready to eat right out of the pouch, no rehydration is needed.
  • Makes candy light and crunchy with incredible flavor.
  • Packed in sealed Mylar bag with Oxygen absorber will last for years in storage.
  • Can last up to 25 years when stored properly.
  • Freeze Dried items can be delicate and may settle during shipping.
  • Great for backpacking, camping, emergency, food storage, gifts or just for fun.  


Package Size: 10”x8”x3” Resealable Pouch

Net Wt. 4 OZ

Customer Reviews

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Rob A.
Unique twist on a classic candy

These had a bit of trouble surviving the trip to my home. The bag had a lot of smashed candy. The flavors are very good and the texture surprised me. It's nothing like traditional salt water taffy, light and crispy and not chewy at all. It's fun treat and gets a surprised reaction when I have friends and family try it. Worth trying.

Sweet, with a very light, delicate crunch

I got the State Fair mix and as much as I like taffy, these flavors are not my favorites. This bag includes banana cream, bubble gum, Cotton, red licorice, and buttered popcorn. I guess I would rather have more traditional flavors.Taste is subjective, so I’ll move on to texture. I’ve noticed that once original, taffy, nougats, and other chewy type fillings get freeze-dried, they become airy, light, and fluffy with a crispy crunch. Once in your mouth and you start chewing, they crumble quickly and very quickly melt away.So that one taffy that might take you several minutes to chew and eat can be totally consumed in seconds in freeze-dried form. The taffy flavors do come out but quickly disappear once the candy is gone.You definitely have to be careful how much you eat because it’s so easy to them.

I must tell you
Too easy to eat the entire bag!

This is a big bag of freeze-dried saltwater taffy, and don’t tell anyone, but I ate most of it in one sitting. I’ve had tons of freeze-dried candies but I’d never had taffy before this. WOW is it good. I’m not doing it justice by saying it’s like eating flavored, sugary Styrofoam that dissolves in my mouth, but that’s kind of what it’s like. It’s ridiculously fun to eat. I fished out all of the yellows first – buttered popcorn taffy is my favorite and there were plenty of them. Then I ate the blue cotton candy ones. Then the light pink, which they say is bubble gum but I didn’t get a strong bubble gum flavor. Doesn’t matter, because they’re gone now too. All I’m left with is the slightly darker pink, which I’m to understand is red licorice and probably why they’ve been left behind. I see this company also releases these in individually-flavored bags. My vote is for one that is all buttered popcorn, please.

Great Variety of Flavor and Better Texture Than Taffy

I really enjoyed the "State Fair Mix' variety of this freeze dried taffy. I am not a big fan of saltwater taffy normally, because I feel like it's a little flavorless. I know freeze dried foods typically have a more intense flavor, so I was excited to try it. I definitely was not disappointed. The flavor explodes in your mouth, and the way the pieces melt is almost like cotton candy. They were not at all chewy, which is great because it's perfect for people with braces (like my daughter) who can now eat taffy safely.The taffy turns into balls of flavor once it is freeze dried, and I really enjoyed the white ones the best. I'm not even sure what flavor they were, but they were delicious. The one complaint I had with freeze dried foods is that they crumble so easily so a lot of the package had broken pieces of taffy. This isn't a big deal except for the very bottom where it turns into a powder. I've seen some people say they use the powdered freeze dried candy for a rim on a cocktail which is an excellent idea.

Super crunchy!

These aren’t super flavorful, but the crunch is really good. They’re light and airy. The flavors weren’t my favorite but it was super fun to try them all!