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Freeze Dried Fruit Burst Mini Candy All-Pink

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Freeze Dried Fruit Burst Original All Pink

 Makes Great Unique Gift, Snack, or Treat. Order yours today!

 Freeze Drying Process removes the moisture from food.

  • Food is ready to eat right out of the pouch, no rehydration is needed.
  • Makes candy light and crunchy with incredible flavor.
  • Packed in sealed Mylar bag with Oxygen absorber will last for years in storage.
  • Can last up to 25 years when stored properly.
  • Freeze Dried items can be delicate and may settle during shipping.
  • Great for backpacking, camping, emergency, food storage, gifts or just for fun.  

 Package Size: 8”x5”x2” Resealable Pouch

Net Wt. 5 OZ

Customer Reviews

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Great Quality. Great taste

One of my favorite candies the crunch is great. I love freeze dried candies and I'm always looking for good quality at a good price and these are good all the way around. As with any candies freeze dried if the shell was a little hard before it's freezed it's a little harder. But just let it sit in your mouth for a minute and it's perfect. That's for those with sensitive teeth tho. Other wise it's perfect. I have nothing bad to say which is great. Highly recommend to anyone

Candy is super YUM and customer service is good!

We regularly purchase these freeze-dried candies and can't seem to get enough. We have a monthly subscription so that we can be sure out nightstand is always well-stocked... since they're one of our favorite bedtime snacks. We recently had an issue with shipping, but the company promptly cleared up the problem and made it right. We've tried most all of the flavors and the ALL PINK is our all-time favorite!

Great flavor!

The best way to eat strawberry fruit chews!

Love this stuff

If you like starburst you’ll like these! I love the pink ones especially so I was thrilled to find these!

Carma McConahay

Oh yeah, recommended