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Freeze Dried Chocolate Chew Vanilla Nougat Large

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Freeze Dried Chocolate Chews  

 Makes Great Unique Gift, Snack, or Treat. Order yours today!

 Freeze Drying Process removes the moisture from food.

  • Food is ready to eat right out of the pouch, no rehydration is needed.
  • Makes candy light and crunchy with incredible flavor.
  • Can last up to 10 years when stored properly.
  • Freeze Dried items can be delicate and may settle during shipping.
  • Great for backpacking, camping, emergency, food storage, gifts or just for fun.  

 Package Size: 10”x7”x3” Resealable Mylar Pouch

Net Wt. 7 OZ

Customer Reviews

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Dan Rosaschi
Best treats EVER

Everything they make is so good!

Ye Ye

These candies came all in good shape; nothing was broken or crumbled. They are crunchy but quickly melt once in the mouth; kind of like the hard shell of a macaron. They are very sweet with a touch of chocolate flavor (in fact, there is a thin layer of chocolate base on one side of each candy), but it is hard to taste anything other than sugar. When it is all melted there is a small piece of something chewy left; something like caramel but it feels like gum. This candy is too sweet to my taste, but it is well made and great as long as you are ok with extra sugar.

Opal CLOpal CL
Really good!

This review is for Freeze Dried Choclate Candy (Chocolate Chews) by RJ Pantry. These are really good! They taste just like malted milk balls except the center tastes like a freeze dried marshmallow.

Freeze dried chocolate candies are delicious!

These freeze dried chocolate candies have a satisfying milky, creamy flavor. They're very crunchy and while they are made of chocolate chews they are definitely not chewy. It comes in a huge bag which would be great for sharing or having out at a gathering of chocolate lovers. This is the first time I've ever had chocolate freeze-dried anything and I really like these they're a lot of fun!

Yummy 😋

What a fun, sweet treat! Unique and interesting. I recommend giving this a try. It's yummy 😋