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Freeze Dried Caramels Candy Large 4 oz

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Freeze Dried Caramels Candy 

 Makes Great Unique Gift, Snack, or Treat. Order yours today!

 Freeze Drying Process removes the moisture from food.

  • Food is ready to eat right out of the pouch, no rehydration is needed.
  • Makes candy light and crunchy with incredible flavor.
  • Can last up to 10 years when stored properly.
  • Freeze Dried items can be delicate and may settle during shipping.
  • Great for backpacking, camping, emergency, food storage, gifts or just for fun.  

 Package Size: 10”x7”x3” Resealable Mylar Pouch

Net Wt. 4 OZ

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Very light and airy caramel crunchy balls

These are very sweet freeze-dried caramels that have a very light crunch with a light crispy texture that almost immediately melts in your mouth as you chew. The caramel flavor comes through quickly but disappears almost as fast. That is the one problem, I guess you can say about most freeze-dried candies. They don’t last very long because you can eat them so quickly. Regular caramels are chewy so the flavor last much longer.Freeze-dried candies are definitely a novelty and it’s fun to see how the texture and taste is both similar and different from the original candy.

Super airy and crisp

The only other freeze dried candies I've had turned soft candies into dense crunchy so these were a bit of a surprise. They are like a cross between a meringue cookie and spun sugar with a nice caramel and hint of vanilla flavor. You have to chew them quickly if you want maximum crunch because they quickly dissolve.

Tastes just like the camels, received practically all powder

These do taste like the little share Carmels, but fluffy and airy, and don’t get stuck in your teeth as bad! They were packaged in a box inside a box, but I still received a bag of powder. The package itself is resealable, which is great so they don’t go bad quickly.

Delicious! Addictive! Sad that half of the bag was already crushed!

These taste so good that I almost finished the bag before sharing. I did have a bit of caramel stuck on my teeth after eating all but 2 of the caramels and the enormous amount of already crushed pieces. The candy in the bag I received looked nothing like the picture on the seller's page. My pieces barely filled half of the window and all pieces had some broken parts so they weren't completely round as pictured. The current $15.99 price is very expensive for what I received. They bag of candy did arrive in a box but it is simply too delicate to survive the shipping process so the end result consists of half of the freeze dried candy arriving in crumbs.

Big flavor

Big bag. Big flavor. Wasn't full, looked as though air got into the bag and deflated the puffs a bit. The flavor is amazing and dissolve in your mouth.